Ventrac | Repair Playground Mulch with Ventrac Power Rake

The Ventrac Power Rake is an excellant tool for Schools that are concerned with trying to keep their playgrounds safe by keeping a level, safe playing surface. As playground mulch settles, or gets displaced by kids, it can create areas that are more dangerous for kids to play on.

The Ventrac Power Rake is a unique solution to help repair and re-level some of the problem areas and make the playground surface safer and softer for the children to play on. The Ventrac power rake is built for tough work. It is designed for leveling rough ground and new yard installations, as well as removing surface rocks and debris.

Its compact design allows the operator to work in tight quarters including around corners and in this case, playground equipment. The Power Rake is an efficient and effective way to freshen up playground mulch. Keeping mulch turned slows the decay and prolongs the life of your mulch. The versatility of this attachment makes the Power Rake a great addition to any School Maintenance department.