Ventrac Tractor 3-Point Hitch Explained

The front-mount advantage is arguably one of Ventrac’s biggest and best features, resulting in better performance and a better operator experience. Unlike most other compact tractors, nearly all of our attachments mount to the front of the machine.
The standard rear option on the 4520 is a 2-inch receiver mount with four removable weights that offset and counterbalance the weight of the tractor and front attachments.

We often get the question, what about a rear PTO or rear 3-point hitch?

While the Ventrac does not have a PTO on the back of the tractor to run powered attachments, our 3-Point Hitch Kit is an option. The Category One 3-Point Hitch adds the benefit of using numerous non-PTO-powered implements on the rear of the Ventrac 4520 tractor. Control levers are located directly to the right of the SDLA control assembly. 3-Point controls and Rear Hydraulic Couplers come standard with the 3-Point Hitch Kit.

The 3-N-1 Adapter is a useful accessory for all Ventracs with a 3-Point Hitch. It allows the tractor to tow, transport, and use select Ventrac attachments on the rear of the tractor, and mount rear weights for front attachments that need extra weight to counterbalance the load. The 3-N-1 Adapter has a lock-in lever for locking on attachments and is able to operate non-PTO-powered attachments. This enables you to mount two attachments for use on the front and rear of the tractor simultaneously.