Versatility Expanded With the Ventrac KH-500 Versa-Loader – Simple Start

Material handling doesn’t always have to happen at high load heights, but when it does, Ventrac has made the VERSA-Loader attachment to suit those needs. The VERSA-Loader is capable of lifting 500 pounds over 6 feet high with a 48-inch bucket. The bucket can hold up to 5 cubic feet of material and its versatile design allows you to disconnect and connect without tools or heavy lifting.

This specialized piece of equipment can be used during landscaping projects where mulch or material is needed behind bushes or flowerbeds. The VERSA-Loader is also designed for situations that require moving material from a property into the back of pick-up truck or dump trailer.

A loader like this is very common to see on most compact tractors. But the most notable difference between a Ventrac loader and other compact tractor loaders is that the Ventrac loader doesn’t use the tractor auxillary hydraulics to power its functions. Instead, the VERSA-Loader has its own hydraulic system that runs off the tractor PTO. Because of this design, there are no hydraulics that need to be connected from the loader to the tractor, making connecting the attachment a much faster process.

The Ventrac VERSA-Loader adds the value of being able to move material when a high load height is required while still enjoying the versatility that the Ventrac tractor is known for. The Ventrac tractor is much better suited for working on delicate terrain than any other compact tractor. The VERSA-Loader gives the operator the same utility as a similar compact tractor mounted loader, but when finished using the attachment, you still have all the versatility of the Ventrac tractor remaining.