Working Dusk To Dawn With Ventrac

When you need a tractor equipped to handle the long days of work from dusk to dawn, the Ventrac 4520 lighting system has you covered. With a 4,000 total lumen output for brighter & broader coverage, this headlight design is optimal for nighttime use. Also available are a few different options for work lights on the ROPS or canopy to help maintain the quality of work you are doing in those early and late hours of the day.

We’ve shown the Ventrac 4520 and all it can do on the rough and hard jobs, and now we put it to work on a pristine turf application while not damaging the turf beneath it. This is an incredible testament to the versatility of the Ventrac FlexFrame and all it can do.

Ventrac’s Contour Mower is built for precision mowing on golf courses and resorts that have challenging terrain but also require professional results. The mower’s three decks float independently and follow the contour of the terrain with up to 40 degrees of motion for each side deck. This ensures the best possible quality of cut while minimizing scalping of the surface.

The total cut width of the Contour Deck is 83 inches with a rear discharge for clean results in an efficient manner. The deck also features full rear rollers for even cutting and striping to create a finished look that is expected from such an implement.

The combination of Contour Deck and Ventrac 4520 tractor with dual wheels allows mowing of up to 30 degrees in any direction without destroying turf and keeping operator safety in mind.