For a complete copy of the machine warranty or the Toro engine warranty please visit For engines manufactured by other companies, please see “Engine Specific Warranty Service” below.

Engine Specific Warranty Service

Engine specific warranty service is provided through the original engine Manufacturer i.e. Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, or Kawasaki.

Please see the engine warranty documentation included with your purchase for complete details or contact the engine manufacturer company:

Briggs & Stratton or 800-444-7774

Kohler or 800-544-2444

Honda or  770-497-6400

Kawasaki or 800-433-5640

*Independent Authorized Service Dealers are independent businesses and may request to be reimbursed for labor to conduct the mechanical inspection of the engine/battery and/or machine. The cost for inspection service is not covered by Toro’s manufacturer’s warranty if the determination by the independent authorized service dealer is that the repair is not due to a manufacturing defect. If the determination by the independent service dealer is that the repair is due to a manufacturing defect and within the warranty period, there is no “inspection” fee assessed to the customer.