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Grillo FD2200 4WD Commercial Grass-Collection Mower (1200L)

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The FD 2200 is the perfect option for facilities seeking high productivity grass collection equipment to service large sites. Green maintenance operators requiring a high-quality cut will appreciate the features of this advanced commercial-grade grass collection mower:

  • Advanced technology and performance
  • Professional hydrostatic lawn-mower with grass collection
  • Permanent 4-wheel-drive
  • Out-front cutting deck
  • Large capacity grass catcher (capacity of 1200L; tip to 210cm height)
  • 44 HP diesel engine and powerful hydraulic load turbine
  • 62cm turning radius
  • 155 cm cutter deck
  • Exceptionally stable on sloping ground.

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  • The Grillo FD2200 4WD has a high hourly mowing capacity allowing large parks, sports facilities or camping sites to be mowed – or where the areas are very extensive, but also complex areas, full of obstacles, such as plants or benches, thanks to the high manoeuvrability and the extremely small turning radius as well as to the machine’s short wheelbase
  • Its stability when cutting across or up slopes is ensured by firstly well-designed weight distribution and by the diff-lock, which can be operated automatically or manually.
  • The innovative permanent 4WD traction system with hydraulic differential lock allows the machine to work with maximum traction and without skidding, also without marking the grass even when the steering is at its maximum angle! The turf tyre profile and the width of the tyre leave a very small footprint, even when the grass catcher is full.
  • The pivoting rear axle allows the drive on all 4 wheels even when mowing on undulating grounds. There are no problems in mounting sidewalks and curbs for the Grillo FD2200 4WD.
  • FD2200 is manufactured with a strong and robust chassis. The reinforced cutter deck is protected in areas exposed to wear and impact and the grass catcher support arms have oversized dimensions for strength and durability. During the machine’s construction, a large percentage of high-performance steel has been used. The hydraulic parts are sourced from the world’s top hydraulic manufacturers.
  • Grillo FD2200 is fitted with a Yanmar 4TNV88 4-cylinder diesel engine, producing 44HP at 2600 rpm and is mounted on rubber blocks.
  • The liquid-cooled engine has a self-cleaning radiator and the hydraulic cooling fan is able to reverse its rotation in order to eliminate the build-up of cut grass from the radiator. The system is automatic and is controlled by a sensor; it can also be activated manually.
  • The hydraulic multi-disk PTO-clutch with a built-in blade brake is activated by a push-button, ensuring both reliability and durability.
  • The lining of the blade brake is adjustable so that its efficiency can be maintained as the lining wears.
  • The PTO engagement is independent of that of the impeller.
  • The FD2200 raised driving position is ergonomic and has been developed in order to protect the operator from fatigue during extended working hours. The grass catcher and the cutter deck’s controls are operated via a hydraulic lever distribution system. The folding roll-bar protection is a standard feature and the lighting kit is homologated for road use.
  • A comfort cabin with a large field of view, heating, and air conditioning kit is available on request.
  • Apart from the 155cm cutting and mulching deck as a standard feature, it is possible to request various other accessories.
  • On model FD2200 the 155cm collection deck has a manual cutting height adjustment with a hydraulically operated maintenance position.
  • FD2200 4WD, like all products from Grillo, was designed and built to last and retain its value for many years. All components, from the simplest to the most complex are of a high-quality standard. Grillo fits only the best engines of the world on its machines! Consumption, emissions, noise and vibrations are reduced to the absolute minimum.



The FD2200’s front cutter deck ensures excellent visibility for the operator when using the machine. The floating cutting deck gives a regular and precise cut, even on undulating or sloped ground. The machines cutting quality and collection are extraordinary across a range of mowing conditions. The 155 cm deck cuts grass using two counter-rotating blades with floating shock-resistant ends, these are mounted on disks to prevent damage from unseen debris. For further protection, the cutter deck is also fitted with small anti-scalp wheels, whilst the cutting deck’s front wheels are puncture-proof treated.

The grass catcher has a large collection capacity of 1200L (both grass and leaves) and is equipped with sensors to disengage the blades automatically once the grass catcher is full. To ensure that the grass catcher has a complete and homogeneous filling, it is fitted with a rotating load baffle. The Grillo FD2200 is able to raise its grass catcher to a height of 210 cm and then extend back to 50 cm, allowing the cut grass to be easily emptied into a truck or skip bin.


  • Engine: Yanmar Diesel 4TNV88
  • Start: electric, with 12 V battery
  • Displacement: 2190 cc, 4 Cylinders
  • Power: 44 hp @ 2600 rpm (TS model 48hp)
  • Torque: 140 Nm @ 1800 rpm
  • Liquid cooled with hydraulic impeller and equipped with automatic radiator cleaning device
  • Consumption: 7.5 L/h
  • Dry air filter with interchangeable filter cartridges, safety filter and prefilter .
  • Fuel tank capacity: 35L
  • Hydraulic oil tank: 25 L
  • Traction: Hydraulic, 4-wheel drive – Parker motors) (permanent drive even with a narrow turning radius)
  • Gearbox: Hydrostatic transmission with 4 hydraulic engines on the 4 wheels
  • Clutch: Hydraulic with electric control activated through PTO with blade brake
  • Cutting height: Manually adjustable at 25 – 35 – 50 – 60 – 75 – 85 – 95 – 110 mm
  • Grass collector capacity: 1200 L (TS model 1400 L)
  • Grass catcher charging system: Charging turbine, 400 mm diameter, equipped with a hydraulic motor as well as a safety valve in order to avoid accidental damages. Independent activation from the cutting deck. Grass catcher equipped with motorised baffle inside the bin for even filling.
  • Grass collector discharging system: Hydraulic grass catcher emptying with automatic opening
  • Maximal discharging height: 2100mm
  • Rear projection: 500 mm
  • Differential locking: Self-engaging and manual by pushing the button
  • Front tyres: Turf 24×12.00-12
  • Rear tyres: Turf 20×10.00-10
  • Steering system: Hydro-steer
  • Speed: Continuously variable from 0 to 22km/h (TS model 24 km/h)
  • Inner turning radius: 620 mm
  • Seat: Sprung and dampened with armrests
  • Mowing capacity per hour (indicative): 15,500 m^2/h
  • Automatic disengagement of blades and turbine when the grass catcher is full.
  • Hydraulic cutting deck lifting and emptying.
  • Lights, horn and indicator kit
  • Length: 2500mm without cutting deck – 3420 mm with cutting deck [cod.9L9611]
  • Width: 1350 mm without cutting deck – 1620 mm with cutting deck
  • Height: 1830 mm with the roll bar let down – 2160 mm with raised roll bar
  • Distance between axles: 1260 mm
  • Clear span from the ground: 180 mm
  • Weight: 1280 kg without cutting deck – 1460 kg with cutting deck 9L9611
  • Item no. standard machine: 8X78Z + 9L9611 – FD2200 with cutting deck 155 cm with collection and mulching Kit

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