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Toro Greensmaster Triflex Series Ride-on Mowers

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The all-new Greensmaster® TriFlex™ mowers were designed to take precision cutting to a completely new level. Our engineers were given the ultimate challenge, to design a riding greensmower that redefines precision cutting. With the all-new Greensmaster TriFlex Series, they exceeded all expectations- not just once, but four times. They raised the bar for cutting performance, productivity, versatility and maintenance. Each model delivers a quality of cut and performance that you simply have to see to believe.

The Greensmaster Triflex series is also commonly known as: GM, GM Triflex, Greenmaster, Green Master Triflex, GM Petrol, Triflex greensmaster series, Toro Greensmaster

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InfoCenter; Advanced control for Hybrid models

Easily customise clip for different heights of cut and adjust other operational settings to gain complete machine control. Common operation information displayed includes reel speed, hours of function, system voltage for reels, diagnostic descriptions, and much more.View Larger

DPA Cutting Units

The most advanced cutting unit in the industry:

  • Only two adjustments
  • Superior height-of-cut retention
  • No daily greasing (stainless steel bearings)
  • Consistent cutting edge regardless of reel wear (patented)
  • Smallest bedknife increment adjustments .007inch (.178mm)

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Maximise fuel economy to improve the cost of ownership.

With more than enough horsepower and highly efficient components, the TriFlex Hybrid models operate efficiently in energy savings mode. While in this mode, engine RPM’s are reduced, and the all-electric reel drive maintains a constant reel speed. This results in reduced fuel consumption and noise while maintaining the quality of cut, performance, and productivity.

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Sealed Electrical components for worry-free wash down.

The electrical connectors and components are completely protected permitting machine wash down without worry.

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Double A-Arm Suspension

The suspension system maintains full floatation range to prevent gouging or scalping when going over undulations.

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Proven Flex Suspension (Patented)

Superior contour following capability utilises an integrated “Flex” linkage system to allow cutting units to pivot around the centre of the front roller to master undulations and prevent side-to-side scrubbing of the putting surface.

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EdgeSeries™ Reels

Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) cutting units – featuring Toro’s EdgeSeries™ reels combine to deliver a consistent, high-quality cut and superior after cut appearance while reducing maintenance with improved reel edge retention. Learn More.

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All-Electric Reel Drive

In addition to eliminating hydraulic leaks, each reel motor has a nominal 1.5 horsepower (1.1 kW) that can increase up to 3.0 hp (2.2 kW) during peak load periods. This translates into the power you need when you need it for unparalleled performance in your most challenging cutting or verticutting applications.

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Stored Energy

Eliminates clip marks at startup of mowing path and provides braking power to stop reels from spinning when cutting units are disengaged for safer operation.

Clip Control (Dial-In Clip)

Maintains consistent clip even during clean-up cut when operators slow down.

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Lift-In-Turn Cutting Units

The suspension system is designed to provide a slight lift to the inside of the cutting units during turns to deliver a consistently level cut and to reduce “triplex ring” for improved playability and turf health.

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Exclusive Lift-Gate Footrest

Easy access to the centre cutting unit facilitates routine maintenance and repairs, simplifies adjustments, and eliminates the need to put the traction unit on a lift for cutting unit service saving you time, money, and frustration.

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Tool-Free, Quick-Change Cutting Units

A single operator can go from cutting Greens at ?” (3.2 mm) to cutting a Fairway at ¾” (19 mm) in just a few minutes. The tool-free, quick-change cutting units make it as easy as 1-2-3.

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Superior Clippings Capture

Redesigned clipping capture system maintains a consistent gap between the basket and reel to retain nearly all grass clippings for a cleaner and healthier cut. Also, a discharge shield forces clippings inside of the basket and minimises “blow-by”.

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Balloon Style Tires

Tires have been redesigned to deliver uniform loading across the entire cross-section (load footprint area) to eliminate side wall loading that can create visible tire tracks.

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Perfect Triangle Wheel Stand Design

The Triangle Wheel Stand places the rear wheel track within the radius of the front wheel, which prevents accidentally dropping the rear wheel into a nearby sand bunker while making the turn for the next mowing path.

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Faster Transport Speeds

Ten miles per hour (16.1 km/h) transport speeds will allow you to stay ahead of golfers and get more greens cut in a shorter time.

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Leak Detection

The dependable Turf Guardian™ leak detection system provides immediate audio and visual indication of possible hydraulic fluid leaks.


The Greensmaster® TriFlex™ Mowers were designed to take precision cutting on a greens mower to a completely new level. Adopting the proven Flex suspension, the cutting units float freely over contours and undulations of the green resulting in a superior quality of cut and after-cut appearance. Improved serviceability is another major advantage of the TriFlex™ models. The tool-free, quick-change cutting units make servicing the cutting units fast and easy, and a lift-gate footrest provides easy access to the centre cutting unit.

Optional all-electric reel drive eliminates hydraulic leak points and delivers ample horsepower to handle a broad range of cutting applications.

Configuration Options:

  • Greensmaster 3300 Gas Powered with Hydraulic Reels
  • Greensmaster 3320 Gas Powered with Electric Reels
  • Greensmaster 3400 Diesel Powered with Hydraulic Reels
  • Greensmaster 3420 Diesel Powered with Electric Reels

Adopting the proven Flex suspension, the cutting units float freely over contours and undulations of the green resulting in a superior quality of cut and after-cut appearance. Improved serviceability is another major advantage of the new TriFlex™ models. The tool-free, quick-change cutting units make servicing the cutting units fast and easy, and a lift-gate footrest provides easy access to the centre cutting unit. Built for reliability and efficiency, the Greensmaster TriFlex Hybrid models were designed with custom electrical components that ensure ample power for even the most rigorous mowing and thatching applications. The all-electric reel drive is highly reliable with mowing capabilities that match up to any hydraulic mower, providing hybrid technology you can count on for any task.

  • Engine: 21hp (15.6kW) Briggs & Stratton® Gas engine or 24.8hp (18.5kW) Kubota® Diesel engine
  • Fuel Capacity: 6 gallons (22.7 litres)
  • Mowing Speed: 0-5 mph (0-8 km/h)
  • Ground speed: 0-8 km/h forward, max transport speed: 16.1 km/h
  • Transport Speed: 0-16 km/h
  • Cutting Width: 59″ (150 cm)
  • Blade Type: 8-Blade, High carbon steel blades; 11-Blade, High carbon steel blades; 14-Blade, High carbon steel blades
  • Height of Cut: Bench HOC: 1.6 – 7.5 mm With High HOC Kit: 7.3 – 25.4 mm
  • Reel Diameter: 5″ (12.7 cm)
  • Reel Speed: Approximately 2050 RPM at 2850 engine RPM. Adjustable
  • Steering Controls: Power Steering
  • Tyres: 19 x 10.5 x 8, 2-ply pneumatic tubeless, smooth tread, Balloon-style tires
  • Wheel Tread: 128.3 cm
  • Wheel Base: 123 cm
  • Length: 249 cm
  • Width: 179 cm w/reels
  • Height: 205 cm
  • Weight: 586 kg
  • Warranty: Two-year limited warranty

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  • 2023-24 Toro Performance Parts Quick Reference Guide (Full Brochure)

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