The Future is Electric

The Future of Land Maintenance is Electric

Parkland Products changing the way you power your business.

Climate change and environmental concerns are accelerating the shift away from fossil fuels and towards more sustainable business practice. Parkland Products provides a comprehensive range of electrical equipment, from personal transport vehicles to commercial machinery, electric mowers, and electric hand tools. Our world-renowned supply partners, TORO, Goupil and Yamaha are constantly developing innovative electrical technologies to deliver like-for-like performance with a petrol or diesel equivalent.

Parkland shares that same vision for the future of land maintenance. Providing products that are easy to maintain, cost-effective to run and can also lower the total cost of ownership and contribute to greater business efficiency.

Why go electric?

Performance without compromise: High-quality batteries deliver torque and power comparable to traditional petrol equipment. When it comes to mowing equipment, this translates to enhanced cutting performance, allowing users to adapt to the task at hand with just a simple press of a button.

Simply simpler and cost-effective: The technology relies on minimal components, meaning it’s quick and easy to maintain and service. Easy to recharge from electric mains, and Industrial batteries are highly cost-effective.

Comfort and noise reduction: Battery-powered equipment is welcomed virtually everywhere and at any time of the day, giving you the freedom to work extended hours – or at times that suit you.

Should I wait for the technology to advance?

Transitioning to electrical equipment and technology not only positions your business for the future but also offers a range of advantages. Leasing, for instance, minimizes your initial capital investment while simultaneously cutting down on gas and maintenance expenses. Furthermore, moving to electric provides the flexibility to retrofit the equipment or upgrade to the latest technology. As technology continues to advance, the potential for cost savings grows even further.

We believe that beginning this transition now empowers your business to proactively build infrastructure for the future. This includes establishing charging stations, implementing battery management solutions, and exploring off-grid power generation.

Parkland Products Sustainability Mission

Our mission has a dual focus; on improving the beauty, productivity and sustainability of the land and helping New Zealand businesses work more efficiently and effectively. Our acceleration towards a battery-powered future is central to this long-term commitment. Reducing carbon emissions in our operations, while powering professionals to work smarter means a positive change for everyone.

So join us today in leading the charge towards a more sustainable future! Call us to discuss business finance or to arrange a demo on our newest lines of electrical equipment.

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