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  • Integral unit of the IRRInet and ICC Solution
  • Diverse and powerful I/O digital and analog modules
  • Divers communication capabilities
  • Intelligent third-party sensors located within the application
  • Data collection from nearly any sensor on the market today
  • Integrated communication ports
  • Multilingual software
  • Piccolo XR Connectivity
  • Vast software capabilities
  • On-site and remote programming



The IRRInet ACE modular design promises greater flexibility to expand or add new and evolving technology while being cost-effective by only adding new modules. The IRRInet platform is designed with backwards and forwards compatibility, promising easy and practically unlimited future technology integration.

Control Capabilities

The IRRInet ACE comes complete with options of the most diverse and powerful control options today. From Digital and Analog control to IP, Serial, MODBUS and AF1 communication protocol-which means you can just about have ICC PRO control anything.

Sensor Suite

The intelligence in the field comes from a host of third-party sensors located within the application. From a weather station to the sensors located in the VFD control panel. IRRInet ACE can pull data from nearly any sensor on the market today. Pressure Transducers, Soil Tensiometers, Digital Control Panels, pH sensors, and much more.

Advanced and autonomic communication capabilities

The MOSCAD 3600 (The IRRInet ACE’s Derivative) allows you the freedom of Radio options that meet the toughest applications. Other communication options are available, such as Cellular and IP for blazing fast communication.


The IRRInet Ace is a new generation, robust field unit expanding the IRRInet family of products providing versatile expandable solutions. It enables the integration of existing and new IRRInet systems using powerful communication capabilities via numerous types of media: cellular, radio, Wi-Fi, wire line, internet etc.

The Modular design of the IRRInet-ACE provides large scalability and powerful field units to the IRRInet family of solutions. Greater installation flexibility is provided with support of third party sensors and PLC units as well as multiple communication options including broadband data over TCP/IP, radio, cellular and wire line.

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