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  • Professional, reliable and powerful irrigation and water control unit
  • On-site and remote programming
  • May activate Piccolo XR unit’s by PIU
  • Agriculture, Turf & Landscape ans water supply IRRInet Applications:
  • Excellent for applications of agricultural, landscape and water supply control systems


IRRInet-M supports Features and Benefits 3 operation modes:

  • RTU – A Remote Terminal: Unit performing key functions and reporting to the ICC PRO center
  • Remote I/O – Serving as a “slave” distributed I/O for a “master” unit that performs all asset management functions.
  • Stand Alone – Performing functions as a stand-alone unit.

The IRRInet M consumes extremely little power, and only draws heavy usage on transmission. It can be configured to run on 12 V. DC paired with a reliable Solar Kit. Because of the Motorola system management on board, the M packs high powered radio’s in a compact, self-sufficient CAS (complete assembly unit).


IRRInet-M is compatible with the ICC PRO  Software and with all IRRInet line of products. The units are available in AC and DC modes with basic of 12 digital outputs and 4 digital input’s and optional of two expansions: 12 digital output’s and 4 digital input’s and   3 Digital Outputs ,1 Analog Output and 4 Analog Inputs

Advanced and autonomic communication capabilities

IRRInet M comes with the option of mid to high tier radios that provide reliable and fast wireless communication and Cellular  option with available RS 485/RS232 (wired) and support line communication as well. • RS232 (e.g. for Serial Communication, GPRS, Wi-Fi, WiMAX etc.) • RS485 (e.g. for Parallel Communication) • UHF/VHF radio • Multidrop wireline


The many features that are present in the IRRInet M provide customers a cost-effective and powerful asset management tool.

The IRRInet M suited for Field Automation and Monitoring for water control and asset management applications.

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