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Toro Personal Pace All-Wheel Drive Lawn Mower

$1,395 Incl. GST

The TORO Personal Pace® All-Wheel Drive push lawn mower is one of the best AWD walk behind mowers on the market, ideal for Kiwi properties with slopes or uneven ground. The mower is self propelled, lightweight, powerful and AWD, to allow for easy use, extra control/ traction, and exceptional performance across different terrains. This lawn mower is packed with innovative TORO features, including:

  • All-Wheel Drive for better control
  • ReadyStart® engine
  • Personal Pace® with Auto-Drive technology (automatically adjusts to match your walking pace)
  • VORTEX Technology™
  • Recycler® technology (mulch & catch technology)
  • Wide 22″ steel cutting deck
  • Super Bagger (increased ease and capacity)
  • 2-year full warranty & 3-year GTS engine warranty


The AWD Recycler is a mower that adjusts to you, with no knobs, no levers, no messing around.  Grab the easy-to-steer handle, engage, and go – with Personal Pace Auto-Drive™. Supercharge your mowing with an amped airflow that requires less energy to cut more grass into tiny, clumpless clippings. That’s our Vortex Technology™ giving you ‘lawn vitamins’ for free. Throw on the grass bag and start your lawn vacuum that holds more so you empty less. In total, it’s a boatload of features that easily make you and your lawn look great in less time. With TORO’s legendary performance and durability, you’ll turn your neighbours green with envy. Count on it.

Personal Pace® with Auto-Drive™: No levers, no adjustments, no learning–the self propelled evolved.

VORTEX Technology™: More airflow to supercharge your grass cutting.

Super Bagging: Fits more so you empty less

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Weight 37.6 kg


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Product Features

Traction in Tough Terrain

You'll enjoy superior traction and maneuverability with all-wheel drive.

Personal Pace Auto-Drive

No levers, no adjustments, no learning - the self-propel, evolved.

Vortex Technology

More airflow to supercharge your grass cutting.

Super Bagger

Get the job done more easily than ever with our new Super Bagger, shaped for easier lifting, no-shake pouring and zero-hassle cleanup.

Feed Your Lawn

The ultra-fine clippings created by our Recycler Cutting System are Lawn Vitamins™, nourishing your grass and cultivating a greener, more lush lawn.

Bag On Demand

Switch from mulching to bagging in seconds while leaving the bag on the mower.

Roll With It

With a tread pattern that adds traction without tearing up your grass, our new wheels give you just enough bite to get up hills and sail through slippery, damp conditions.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

With a Toro, there's no oil change - ever. Just check the oil and Top it Off.

Time Saver

Mow more in less time, Save time, finish faster, and make your job easier. Cut a wider path with each pass with an extra-long 22 in. blade.

2 Year Limited Warranty

We've Got You Covered

Enjoy peace of mind knowing Toro stands behind its mowers with a 3-year guaranteed-to-start engine warranty and 2-year warranty.


Air Filter Briggs & Stratton Part #593260
Bagger Capacity 1.8 bushels
Box Dimensions 107.0 cm x 62.2 cm x 43.8 cm
CARB Compliant CARB Compliant
Deck Material 14 Gauge Steel
Deck Size 56 cm
Discharge Chute Sold separately
Drive System Personal Pace® All Wheel Drive Traction Assist
Drive Type 4 Wheel Drive
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How do I get the best quality of cut?

To obtain the best quality of cut:

  • Set the cutting height on the front wheels one notch lower than the rear wheels. (For example, set the front wheels at 2 inches and the rear wheels at 2 3/8 inches.)
  • Make sure the blade is sharp (for best results, replace or sharpen yearly or when needed).
  • Operate the machine at full throttle.
  • Cut only 1/3 of the grass blade at a time.
  • Mow only dry grass or leaves.

If the finished lawn appearance is unsatisfactory, try one or more of the following:

  • Walk at slower pace while mowing.
  • Raise the cutting height on your mower.
  • Cut the grass more frequently
  • Overlap the cutting strips instead of cutting a full swath with each pass.
  • Alternate mowing direction to keep the grass standing straight – this helps disperse clippings, which enhances decomposition and fertilization.
  • Clean the clippings and dirt from the underside of the mower after each use. (Grass build up inside the mower will affect cutting quality.)

Why choose a Toro? AMERICA’S #1 WALK MOWER BRAND

With roots dating back to 1914, Toro was built on a tradition of quality, long lasting products and innovative features to make your mowing experience and caring for your lawn easier. Toro’s line of walk-behind mowers offer battery powered self-propelled mowers, mulching mowers that fertilize as you cut, and 30″ wide-cut mowers to help you finish your lawn faster.