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TurfCare TCA2000

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TurfCare TCA2000 by SMG is a fantastic ground-driven, tow-behind device designed to maintain any kind of infilled synthetic surface. Featuring:

  • Versatile transport options: Able to be towed by various vehicles, compact tractors, mowers or quad bikes. 
  • Adjustable spindles to alter the working depth.
  • An adjustable vibrator sieve cleans the dirt out of the infill material with simultaneous repatriation.
  • Compact for transporting around venues with narrow passageways. 

Adjustable vibrating screen:

Easily adjust for debris, pollution or infill size requirements (4mm to 10mm).


Features tines for gently loosening of the infilling material

Fold-out transport rollers:

Fold-out transport rollers for transverse drive


TurfCare TCA2000 maintains all kinds of infilled synthetic turf surfaces. The wheel drive makes the equipment independent from any hydraulic or power shaft drives – allowing it to be pulled by a variety of compact tractors, vehicles, mowers or quads. This machine is also designed for transportation around venues, allowing for narrow pathways/doorways with its two foldable rollers and a raising tow bar. 

The working depth of the machine can be precisely set and locked via two adjusting spindles. The vibrating screen is adjustable (4mm to 10 mm) which allows for varying degrees of pollution and the grid size of the infilling material.


Working width: 2,000 mm

Weight: 215 kg

Dimensions: L. 1,300 x W 2,400 x H 510 mm

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