What We Do


We design water management systems to meet your needs and are efficient, practical, easy to use and future proofed.

We ensure that good design will take into consideration agronomic, water and environmental factors, along with hydraulic engineering and irrigation technology.


We have a range of products to help measure and monitor water usage to increase efficiency, detect leaks and optimise performance.

We work hard to provide the most effective watering solution system for your specific property , landscape or business needs.


We offer advanced and reliable irrigation and water control management systems for council, turf , agriculture/horticulture, residential and commercial landscapes. Whether you have rigorous, multi-facility demand or small-scale requirements, we will find the best water control and monitoring solution for your situation.

An irrigation system is a significant investment. It is a major tool in protecting a valuable asset – sports turf, golf course, crops or landscape planting. An irrigation system typically has a design life of 20 years, so it makes sense to get the foundations right.

The Parkland Irrigation team has over 20 years’ experience in providing irrigation and water management solutions. We form long strong, standing relationships with our clients to ensure that we design and deliver the best water management system to suit their specific needs. We find solutions for:

  • Landscape designers and architects
  • Golf courses
  • Council
  • Agriculture & horticulture
  • Major sporting factilities
  • Commercial property and residential property

Why You Need an Efficient Irrigation System

Growers, Farmers, Vineyards

Water efficiency is extremely important for agriculture and horticulture sectors. We have helped many growers, farmers, vineyards create effective irrigation systems to increase the productivity and efficiency of their businesses. This is becoming increasingly important for New Zealand’s unpredictable seasons.

Golf Course Greens

We work closely with several golf course greenkeepers to ensure that the correct irrigation system is in place to create a beautiful green, year round. Turf quality is the essence of a quality golf course.

Sporting Facilities

Parkland have been involved with a range of water management projects for sporting facilities across the nation. With an increased number of users, year-round field usage, and unpredictable weather, water control and distribution is a key barrier facing many sporting facilities in New Zealand.

Commercial & Residential Landscapes

No matter the size or situation, land needs to be irrigated well to maintain that beautiful touch of nature. Whether its a small garden patch in the backyard, or a large courtyard of all kinds of flowers and plants, we have the solutions to them all.

Irrigation Brands

From the smallest micro-valve, to the largest pumping station and everything in between, check out our range of brands and products to suit your project.

IRRInet Control Systems

If you need to gain control of your operations, IRRInet control and management systems are the comprehensive, advanced tool that can help.