Used Equipment

Parkland pre-owned is synonymous with quality and reliability. Each piece of Toro or Yamaha equipment made available to you is meticulously prepared by our skilled refurbishment team.

These returned ex-lease machines are;

  1. Inspected
  2. Safety checked
  3. Refurbished including replacement parts where needed
  4. Serviced
  5. Cleaned

We search for and replace any worn parts, providing you with greater peace of mind, less chance of breakdown or repair, and longer reliable use.

A Mechanic Working on a Car Engine

Used Equipment Available

DIY Guides and Resources

With a range of DIY guides and resources available exclusively for you, feel free to take what you need on the go. With the right direction and guidance to setting your home up correctly; you can create an efficient gardening system, even coming with the option for automation. This can be really useful for those family holidays at the beach!

DIY Grip Guide

A guide to help you understand drip watering and how to install

DIY Spray Guide

A guide to help select the right spray type

Automating Your Watering

A guide to show you how to automate your watering

Purchasing Guides Available