Case Study: Royal Auckland Golf Course

The Royal Auckland Golf Course has been one of our most loyal customers, their patronage starting all the way back in 1988! Over the years, they have held such a high standard for golf maintenance, which today we’ll highlight.

Premium Golf Course Management

It’s no surprise to anyone that Royal Auckland has been one of New Zealand’s most well renowned golf courses, with multiple awards and large events frequently hosted on their premise. This reception stems from an ethos of proper golf course maintenance, and a dedication to providing their customers with a quality experience.

In 1988, they had bought a Toro Greensmower, which then led on to more equipment purchases down the line. In recent times, Royal Auckland have focused on electrifying their entire fleet, future proofing their golf course maintenance to last longer, with reduced hassles and servicing.

With their new fully electric fleet of ride on mowers and walk behind mowers in 2022, they had won themselves the official NZGCSA Environment Award, a nationwide golf course superintendent initiative focused on celebrating golf course success!

Why Did Royal Auckland Opt for Electric Equipment?

One of the biggest debates within golf course management is whether electric equipment is worth investing into. For Royal Auckland, the choice for electric was obvious.

As our National Sales Manager Darren Hannay explains, “When superintendents plan for the future, they don’t just consider cost, but also the experience for the golfers. No golfer likes hearing noise when they’re trying to focus on their game, and no course manager likes having to focus their maintenance in certain times. With electric equipment, you can do your maintenance at any time of the day without bothering anyone.”

This approach to golf course management puts the customer and employees first, improving their experiences and productivity, thus creating a better environment for golfing.

Focusing on the Future

Even during COVID, the Royal Auckland Golf Course has shown immense resilience in doubling down on what matters to them, quality. There’s no doubt that switching from petrol to electric is a bit of a change for many, however at Parkland, we’re confident it’s a change for the better.

By focusing on making their golf course more environmentally friendly, in addition to noise friendly, Royal Auckland and Grange can position itself to be the host for many future events easily.

To learn more about the benefits of electrifying your golf maintenance fleet, get in contact with us!

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