Case Study: Goupil G4 Dominates Europe as a Commercial Electric Vehicle

Our latest vehicle, the Goupil G4, has been one of the most popular commercial EV’s in Europe, ranging from clients such as the Italian Air Force, Newcastle University and Liverpool City Council. That comes as no surprise either. As the Goupil is one of the most compact, versatile EV’s made for many different use case scenarios, it’s bound to be a favourite wherever it goes.

As one of the best commercial electric vehicles for councils, businesses and other organisations, the Goupil can see itself being used in many scenarios. Here’s a recap of three use case scenarios in Europe.

The Italian Air Force’s Need for Electric Vehicles

For an organisation as large as the Italian Air Force, they have a duty to meet their sustainability criterion as a government body. Similarly, they need to find a way to transport both sensitive and heavy machinery during their day to day operations.

That’s where the Goupil G4 comes into play. Its ergonomic design is perfect for maneuvering around tight spaces and streets, all while remaining silent. With a payload of up to 1200kg, even the heaviest machines can be placed on the back of the G4.

In the above pictures, the Italian Air Force can be seen using the tipper attachment, however they have many different body types available, such as cages, boxes, hooklifts, dumptrucks and more.

Liverpool City Council’s Dedication to Sustainable Waste Collection

Liverpool City Council is committed to using sustainable practices in its operations, and this includes its waste collection fleet. The council has recently added the Goupil G4 electric vehicle to its fleet, and it has been making a positive impact on the city’s waste collection efforts.

The Goupil G4 is a compact and maneuverable electric vehicle that is perfect for cleaning up the streets of Liverpool. It can easily reach tight spaces that larger vehicles cannot, and its electric motor means that it produces zero emissions. This is important for Liverpool City Council, which is committed to reducing its environmental impact.

In addition to its environmental benefits, the Goupil G4 is also a very efficient vehicle. It has a long range and can be charged overnight, which means that it can be used throughout the day without interruption. The G4 is also very quiet, which is important for working in residential areas.

The G4’s ergonomic design makes it comfortable for workers to get in and out of the vehicle frequently, and its spacious cab can accommodate up to 3 people and numerous storage spaces. Additionally, the G4’s maneuverability and short turning radius make it perfect for navigating narrow streets and confined spaces, which are common in urban areas. This allows waste collection crews to collect waste more efficiently and effectively.

Liverpool City Council is pleased with the addition of the Goupil G4 to its fleet, and it is committed to continuing to use sustainable practices in its operations. They are a great example of how local authorities can make a positive impact on the environment by adopting sustainable technologies. It makes the work less tiring for the staff, while being sustainable and considerate of the environment.

Ground Maintenance at Newcastle University Made Sustainable

Newcastle University takes a significant step towards its net-zero goal by replacing a gas-powered van with two Goupil G4 electric vehicles. The G4’s compact size and quiet operation make it perfect for navigating narrow pathways and working around students and staff, while its zero emissions contribute to cleaner air on campus.

In a university setting, the G4 works like a charm in transporting goods between faculties, transporting science and sporting equipment, all while reducing the potential noise pollution which can be disruptive to students and other residents.

Through the G4, Newcastle University is able to commit to sustainability, without compromising on performance in a utility vehicle.

Is the Goupil G4 Right for You?

The Goupil G4 is a versatile electric vehicle ideal for organisations and businesses prioritising sustainability and maneuverability in their operations.

Here’s who the G4 benefits most:

  • Environmentally conscious organisations: With zero emissions and quiet operation, the G4 aligns perfectly with sustainability goals and reduces noise pollution in sensitive areas. (e.g., universities, government bodies)
  • Urban settings: The G4’s compact size and maneuverability make it perfect for navigating tight spaces and narrow streets, ideal for waste collection, ground maintenance, and deliveries in urban environments. (e.g., city councils, landscaping companies)
  • Organisations with diverse needs: The G4’s modular design allows for various body customizations like tippers, cages, and boxes, making it suitable for various tasks requiring transportation of both personnel and cargo. (e.g., universities transporting equipment, military transporting machinery)

If your organisation prioritizes sustainability, operates in tight spaces, and requires a versatile commercial electric vehicle, the Goupil G4 might be the perfect fit.

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