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Mottech Invests In Parkland Australia

PRESS RELEASE | 24 June, 2019

Parkland Products Ltd has sold 50% of its Australian subsidiary (Parkland Australia Pty Ltd) to MTI Wireless Edge Ltd, the owners of Mottech Water Solutions Ltd. Headquartered in Israel, MTI produces communication and radio frequency solutions across multiple sectors through three core divisions (Antenna, Water Control and Management, Distribution and Professional Consulting Services division).

The subsidiary company, Mottech, provides high-end remote control solutions for water and irrigation applications using Motorola’s IRRInet state-of-the-art control, monitoring and communication technologies.

As the prime distributor of Motorola water control systems, Mottech serves worldwide customers through its international subsidiaries and networks of distributors and representatives. Their solutions are based on over 30 years’ experience, ensuring constant, reliable and accurate water usage, while reducing operational and maintenance costs. Mottech focusses on the market segments of agriculture, water distribution, municipal and commercial landscape, as well as wastewater and storm-water reuse.
Parkland Managing Director, Chris Todd, announced the investment, saying that the closer relationship has created many new opportunities. The name of the company will be changed to Mottech Parkland to reflect the new partnership.

“We will now be equipped to offer IRRInet and related water and asset control services to clients throughout Australia,” he explained. “Our customers will benefit greatly from Parkland’s partnership with Mottech”.

“We are delighted with the earnings enhancement acquisition that will immediately contribute and will enable Mottech to step up the value-chain in the Australian market and provide wireless control solutions and services” commented Mottech General Manager, David Shani. “We expect the market for Mottech’s core water management services in Australia to expand and we look forward to further applying Mottech’s remote control and monitoring systems in the Australian market.”

The sale and purchase will be completed in July 2019.



Parkland Australia is a proven water and resource management services company. Established in 2010, Parkland Australia operates in all water and resource sectors throughout Australia, Asia and the South Pacific.

With extensive industry knowledge and a team with specialist skill sets, Parkland Australia helps its customers achieve and maintain the best turf and agricultural irrigation, wastewater, leachate and lighting systems.

Backing the business, Parkland Australia is the official Australian distributor for Motorola IRRInet products, Spectrum Technologies agronomic metering tools and Bailoy Gemini/Trident Decoder Systems.

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Mottech, a member of the MTI Group, is a worldwide master distributor of Motorola’s innovative, proven and reliable IRRInet platform. Mottech provides comprehensive and professional water management systems for Agricultural Irrigation, Municipal Turf & Landscape Irrigation, and Water Distribution applications.

Mottech’s international network of subsidiaries, local offices and regional distributors provides ongoing support and service to customers worldwide.


Motorola Solutions is a leading supplier of computerised irrigation and water control system hardware. Motorola has over 35 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and installing computerised irrigation and water control systems worldwide.

A comprehensive, advanced, and professional irrigation and water control management system, IRRInet is a cutting-edge solution for remote control and monitoring for irrigation and water applications. The system is designed to meet the rigorous demands of irrigation and water management applications in three main industries: agricultural irrigation, turf and landscape irrigation, and water supply.

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