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Why is it important to regularly maintain your equipment?

If you had a neighbour with a mint-condition car from the 1970s in his driveway and you asked him how he kept it in such great shape, the first words out of his mouth would probably be “I took care of it.” He had to perform maintenance on a regular basis. It may sound basic, but that’s also one of the most important things you can do to help your equipment last longer.

Manufacturers’ recommended maintenance schedules aren’t just arbitrary suggestions. They’re based on extensive testing of what’s required to maintain the integrity of your machine. And these recommended scheduled events need to take place to get the best quality out of your unit.

How can I find my recommended maintenance schedule? 

The first place to look is your operator’s manual. If you don’t have yours handy, you can contact the Parkland customer service team, or search online:

How do I book in?

You can book a service with the Parkland Service Team by contacting:

Auckland – Tim Morris (+64 9 415 0317 or [email protected])

Waikato & Bay of Plenty – Anthony Smith (027 488 9061 or [email protected])

Canterbury – Bill Misselbrook (+64 3 343 8960 or [email protected])

Otago – Garth Munro (+64 3 445 0337 or [email protected])